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Adare Manor Pay Gap Data

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Below is all of the gender pay gap data gathered for Adare Manor. The headline figures reported are generally those listed under a company's "all employees" figures. Where present, figures for part-time and temporary contract employees are displayed in the additional data blocks on this page. If you'd prefer to see that additional data in tables instead of graphs, hit the toggle on the right hand side of any panel to change the view. If you're looking for some guidance on how to interpret the data, I've written some explanations on the "Understanding the Data" page. Where you see "No Value", a company has either not reported this data, or reported it incorrectly. This may be because they have no part-time or temporary employees, or paid no bonus, for example. If you find any broken report links, please do let me know so that I can replace it where possible.

Year Mean Hourly Pay Gap Median Hourly Pay Gap Mean Bonus Gap Median Bonus Gap Full Report
2023 10.23% 3.85% 101% 47% Report

2023 Additional Data

Mean Hourly Pay Gap (Part Time)0.01% Mean Hourly Pay Gap (Temp & Fixed Term Contracts)No Value
Median Hourly Pay Gap (Part Time)0% Median Hourly Pay Gap (Temp & Fixed Term Contracts)No Value

Pay Quartiles

Bonus & BIK

Pay Quartiles
Quartile Female Male
Lower 46.5% 53.5%
Lower Middle 52.02% 47.98%
Upper Middle 43.43% 56.57%
Upper 36.55% 63.45%
Bonus & BIK
Female Male
BIK 3.11% 5.92%
Bonus 3.67% 5.92%