Irish Gender Pay Gap Portal

Hi there! Welcome to my Gender Pay Gap reporting portal. As a result of the Gender Pay Gap Information Act, from 2022 companies with more than 250 employees we required to create and publish a report outlining their gender pay gap. While plans are in place to create a central portal (similar to that in the UK) to collate this information, such a database does not exist yet, and the government has no concrete release date available. To close this temporary gap, I’ve created and populated a database with all the information I could find, and have shared it here. The tables for each year are searchable and sortable.

What is the Gender Pay Gap?

The gender pay gap refers to the difference in average hourly wages between men and women. It's calculated in two ways - a mean (the average of all the values), and a median (the middle value). According to the CSO, the overall gender pay gap in Ireland in 2022 was 9.6%.

What is this site?

Since there isn't a government provided central portal, I'm doing my best to gather all available gender pay gap data for Irish companies and storing it here. This will allow people to search for companies they are interested in, compare change over time, and visualise the data in a way that's not currently possible, since every company is putting out reports in different formats. As I gather the data, I'm also submitting the links to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine so that the reports are archived, and will remain available even when companies change their websites, move or remove their reports, etc.

Can I help?

Absolutely! Gathering and processing all the information is a really big job. You can help by submitting reports and filling out as much of the form as possible, ideally pulling out the key figures for me. Every report submitted is a huge help, and I'll do my best to get it into the relevant dataset as soon as possible. Unfortunately, some of the report links from 2022 are no longer active, as companies have updated their sites and moved things. If you spot a broken link, and can find the report in its new location, you can also send that to me via the form.

If you'd prefer to deal with the dataset more directly, or want to use it somewhere, I've also set up a Github project where the normalised dataset for the companies and their reports is now uploaded. I expect to be uploading an enhanced dataset soon containing more of the information from each of the reports (e.g. pay quartiles, percentage of people receiving a bonus, etc.). Please feel free to open a pull request to update the dataset with new information, and if you find something cool to do with the data, I'd love to hear about it!

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Key Facts

  • Since 2022, companies with 250 or more employees have to report on their gender pay gap
  • The number of employees will change over time, including more companies in the reporting:
    • 2022 - 250+ employees
    • 2024 - 150+ employees
    • 2025 - 50+ employees
  • Companies must choose a snapshot date in June of each year, and have until the same date in December of the same year to produce their report (e.g. a chosen date of June 15th 2024 has a deadline of December 15th 2024
  • There isn't a standard report format or central government portal for these reports yet